JOLLY 103 is a smartly conceived low cost automatic PHOTOMETER for the determination of clinical chemistry with a PLUS. It includes the sophisticated software with graphic presentation and the well proven optical system of the JOLLY 102 for the measurement in the Peltier controlled micro flow-cell. PLUS it includes also the measurement in individual cuvettes, which opens the way to new method applications.

The new cuvette holder enables to measure in both micro and in macro 10 mm square plastic or quartz cuvettes. Furthermore, a built-in chopper eliminates stray light and assures maximum photometric stability and reliability.

Smartly designed graphic presentation on the display will guide the operator step by step through all operations. It is user friendly and simple to operate. Up to 150 user programmable chemistry methods can be stored in memory. Furthermore, over 300 test results are kept in memory and can be printed at a later time.

The software offers a choice of 5 languages that are built-in: English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. JOLLY 103 is a highly sophisticated photometer with many advantages to recapture the up to date manual photometer market, still existing everywhere.

It is a well proven system with years of experience, linked with a powerful built-in micro-processor that offer a software package only available in much more expensive and fully automatic analyzers, making this LITTLE photometer a GIANT - PLUS. MODEL JOLLY 103T includes a built-in thermostat at 37 0C for 12 test tubes and a reagent bottle. I deal to run STATS, enzyme kinetics or simply incubate samples at 37 0C.

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